Cat Walk

Nadia waits in a cage at Collier County Domestic Animal Services to be reunited with her owner. The cat somehow travelled to Naples from Wisconsin where she was picked up and traced to her owners this week.

This kitty may not have set a Guinness record, but her journey is mind-boggling nonetheless. Her name is Nadia and she is a Russian blue, a breed of cat known for the strong bonds they form with their human companions. Strong indeed. When Nadia was left behind in chilly Sheboygan, Wisconsin, she somehow—nobody knows exactly how—managed a 1,484-mile journey to […]

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Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh My!


Beware of escaped monkeys, pythons, and even cobras if you travel the Sunshine State. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has received calls about escaped exotic animals on an average of twice a month—that’s 260 escapees in the past 24 months. Orlando television station WKMG reported recently that monkeys lead the list of jail breakers—nearly a hundred in the […]

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Get Me Out of Here

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.25.40 PM

Cops have the best stories. A Monroe County deputy responded to a call about a suspicious automobile in near Marathon in the Florida Keys recently. When Deputy Seth Hopp approached the 1997 Lincoln Continental, he heard yelling from the trunk. He ordered the man out of the trunk, but the disembodied voice replied he couldn’t. Once the deputy released the […]

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A Cure for Valentine’s Blues

How do you spend Valentine’s Day if you’ve just been through a break-up? Goodwill in Sarasota has a suggestion: Instead of moping, “Donate Your Ex’s Stuff.” “We say, turn that hate into donate and make it something nice,” Kelly Davis-Strausbaugh of Goodwill told Fox News. The idea being when your main squeeze splits, you don’t want the things he or […]

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A Rolex is a Girl’s Best Friend

Gentlemen, you may want to leave your Rolexes at home. Over the past two years, police in South Florida have nabbed dozens of femme fatales who cruise high-class nightclubs looking for intoxicated rich guys and robbing them. Their modus operandi: Identify the wealthy victims by their jewelry, most often expensive watches, help them get sloshed, take them back to their […]

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Say Cheese…

Remember Casey Anthony? She’s the West Palm Beach woman who made headlines when she was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. She was acquitted of murder in 2011 but found guiltily of lying to police. She’s back in the news again having set herself up as a professional photographer under the business name Case Photography LLC. Perhaps she’ll specialize […]

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Her car turned her in

A 57-year-old Florida woman was arrested for hit-and-run recently after her car ratted her out to police. After the collision, the black Ford Focus driven by Cathy Bernstein of Port St. Lucie, automatically called 911 as part of its emergency response system. When police dispatchers called Bernstein to check on her, she initially denied being in a wreck, but dispatchers […]

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