A Merry Yellow Christmas Memory

While most families were busy Christmas morning opening presents, we were learning how to use the fire extinguisher up at Uncle Leo’s place in Strawberry. It began innocently enough. Judge Leonard Dwayne Skousen, who happens to be my uncle, invited me to spend Christmas with he and the missus up at his cabin atop the Mogollon Rim. I usually spend […]

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Hundreds of rhesus macaque monkeys are roaming central Florida and there have been several reports of them pestering people. Recently, Brian Pritchard of Ocala photographed a troop of about fifty of the primates in his back yard stealing food from a deer feeder. He said they consumed about 250 pounds of the feed in one week. A few weeks ago, a family […]

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That’s what Travis Adair of Deerfield Beach, Florida discovered this week when a 15-pound bag of frozen pork crashed onto the roof of his home. He said he heard a “big bang” and thought it was thunder. That’s when his wife Jennie went outdoors and found two packages of frozen pork in the yard. Their son Austin found another three […]

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It was supposed to be a party to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. The ice cream was flavored with chocolate, caramel, and pecan nuts. And one more item: A catheter. That extra treat ended up in the mouth of the new grandfather, Carole-Anne Christofferson of Quebec told Radio-Canada. “He put it in his mouth and found the top […]

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Also known as a slime eel, a single hagfish can produce up to five gallons of snot when stressed. So consider what 7,500 pounds of the prehistoric critters could do when bounced on the freeway. Highway 101 “just got slimed” the Depoe Bay Fire District announced on Twitter immediately after the accident. Considered a delicacy in Korea, that’s where the […]

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Cat Walk

Nadia waits in a cage at Collier County Domestic Animal Services to be reunited with her owner. The cat somehow travelled to Naples from Wisconsin where she was picked up and traced to her owners this week.

This kitty may not have set a Guinness record, but her journey is mind-boggling nonetheless. Her name is Nadia and she is a Russian blue, a breed of cat known for the strong bonds they form with their human companions. Strong indeed. When Nadia was left behind in chilly Sheboygan, Wisconsin, she somehow—nobody knows exactly how—managed a 1,484-mile journey to […]

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