Hundreds of rhesus macaque monkeys are roaming central Florida and there have been several reports of them pestering people. Recently, Brian Pritchard of Ocala photographed a troop of about fifty of the primates in his back yard stealing food from a deer feeder. He said they consumed about 250 pounds of the feed in one week. A few weeks ago, a family […]

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Also known as a slime eel, a single hagfish can produce up to five gallons of snot when stressed. So consider what 7,500 pounds of the prehistoric critters could do when bounced on the freeway. Highway 101 “just got slimed” the Depoe Bay Fire District announced on Twitter immediately after the accident. Considered a delicacy in Korea, that’s where the […]

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A Rolex is a Girl’s Best Friend

Gentlemen, you may want to leave your Rolexes at home. Over the past two years, police in South Florida have nabbed dozens of femme fatales who cruise high-class nightclubs looking for intoxicated rich guys and robbing them. Their modus operandi: Identify the wealthy victims by their jewelry, most often expensive watches, help them get sloshed, take them back to their […]

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Say Cheese…

Remember Casey Anthony? She’s the West Palm Beach woman who made headlines when she was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. She was acquitted of murder in 2011 but found guiltily of lying to police. She’s back in the news again having set herself up as a professional photographer under the business name Case Photography LLC. Perhaps she’ll specialize […]

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Her car turned her in

A 57-year-old Florida woman was arrested for hit-and-run recently after her car ratted her out to police. After the collision, the black Ford Focus driven by Cathy Bernstein of Port St. Lucie, automatically called 911 as part of its emergency response system. When police dispatchers called Bernstein to check on her, she initially denied being in a wreck, but dispatchers […]

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