Her car turned her in

A 57-year-old Florida woman was arrested for hit-and-run recently after her car ratted her out to police.

After the collision, the black Ford Focus driven by Cathy Bernstein of Port St. Lucie, automatically called 911 as part of its emergency response system.

When police dispatchers called Bernstein to check on her, she initially denied being in a wreck, but dispatchers insisted the car would not have dialed in a collision if there had been no accident, according to police reports.

A witness to the accident also called the cops and gave them the license plate number of the Ford. When police arrived at Bernstein’s house, they saw that the vehicle’s airbags had been deployed and that there was a dent in the front of the car.

Bernstein was charged with hit-and-run, according to police reports.

STRANGE FACT: Nearly a quarter-billion calls are made to 911 systems every year. Not all of them are from cars.

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